A fund focused exclusively on Mobility

We invest in innovative companies and fund managers disrupting the world of mobility - anything that enables movement of people or products

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We continuously strive to add value, beyond capital, to our portfolio funds and companies by creating connections and facilitating relationships with our corporate partners. Our team works closely with the most senior leaders and executives from the industry.

Adopting a collaborative investment model with our corporate partners, we deploy both capital and enterprise expertise to help companies breakthrough corporate barriers and innovate by accessing its strong network of global partners, potential customers, distribution channels,

Investing in the Ecosystem —


We back founders and act in their best interests. Our incentives are completely aligned with the founders and our co-investors.

Fund Managers

We seek to make a small number of investments in other funds supporting innovations in the mobility sector.

Corporate Innovation

We help our corporate partners stay ahead of competition by partnering and investing in startups that hold the key to innovation and growth.

Government & Foundation

We strive to elevate regional economies through customized exchange programs to drive innovation and create a vibrant ecosystem for your region.
Learn about ourInvestment Themes