Helping to Improve How The World Moves

CPCP's Infinity Fund invests in fund managers and companies with a focus on industries and markets where technology can change how people or products move from Point A to Point B

The Infinity Fund


  • Autonomous trucks and vehicles
  • Autonomous deliveries
  • Drones, Air Delivery, Suppliance
  • Micro mobility vehicles such as e-bikes and e-scooters
  • Smart Vehicles
  • OEMs

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

  • Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) which could include Ride hailing, ride sharing, etc.
  • Micromobility services which increase access to public transportation, reduce the amount of cars on the road, lower our environmental footprint, and provide convenient methods of transportation for short trips — all while being cost effective.
  • Urban Mobility Solutions such as EV Charging stations, Smart Parking, Ticketless travel using Smart Cards, Smartphones, or other payment technologies.

Supply Chain & Logistics

  • International Logistics which could include everything related to ships and planes, containers, ports and airports, international freight forwarding, etc.
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment including distribution optimization, warehouse robotics, inventory harmonization, and related functions. 
  • Elastic Logistics with companies disrupting the real-time supply chain visibility

Digital Data Services

Some examples include:

  • Routing Optimization
  • Smart Fleet Management
  • Shipping and Logistics Solutions
  • Connected Cars and V2X
  • Geographic Data Processing and Navigation
  • In-car Cybersecurity

Building Better Businesses using our Ethos Framework —

Smart Capital

Adopting a collaborative investment model with our corporate partners, we deploy both capital and enterprise expertise to help companies breakthrough innovation

Quality Results

We seek to support excellent growth of our portfolio and superior returns for our investors.

Global Investments

Within mobility, we invest globally with a special interest in North America, Europe, Latin America and India.

Sustainable Investing

We focus on shaping a better world environmentally, socially and economically