Our Mission

Building Better Businesses Through Superior Returns Through A Disciplined And Flexible Investment Approach

Our Vision

To Be The Partner Of Choice For Leading Companies In The Lower-Middle Market

Our Purpose

Our common purpose is to build better businesses and enabling growth and economic progress

Our Core Values

CPCP strives to drive innovation and build a better firm for the future. We believe our biggest assets are our people. We keep CPCP team's interests first because our continued success depends on them. Satisfied team will provide the best service to our clients and act with integrity.

Underpinning all that we do are three core values:


Responsible Global Citizen

We advance the world by investing through ESG principles with a commitment to empowering women in leadership positions. Gender equality is an economic imperative and we take action to bring meaningful and positive change in our communities.


Relationship - Driven

We develop strong and deep relationships that improve and grow our partners' businesses. We strive to pursue a mutually beneficial relationship with clients and earn their trust by placing them at the core of what we do.



We foster innovation through all levels and support our partners throughout our relationship. Questioning accepted wisdom, creating new ideas, and offering new approaches are ingrained in our everyday approach.

Women & Gender Equality

CPCP strives to advance equality for women by encouraging women's leadership and democratic participation in capital markets; eliminating gender-based pay disparity. Where we can, we will choose to participate in providing solutions on a wide range of issues, including climate change, pay equity, immigration and racial equity.


continued growth

CPCP will continue to identify opportunities to leverage its existing platform and diversify into areas with meaningful synergies with its core business

ESG Principles

Built into our investment approval process, board mandates, and risk management activities, we drive positive social and environmental impact through our services and our work with clients. We strive to  execute a business model that adds value to the society.