Empowering Women to in Capital Markets

Why Join the Wifi Program?


We conduct bootcamps as part of the WiFi Program teaching about Capital Markets and providing women with the theoretical tools needed to succeed in the Finance industry.

Experiential Learning

Theoretical tools are not sufficient if one wants to move higher up the ranks in an organization. As part of this program, it is our attempt to provide a platform for women interested in making a career in Investment Banking and Private Equity, to gain hands-on experience and build their network while honing their industry skillset.


The WiFi Program not only provides opportunities to connect with other members within the program, but also to a more expansive network in the ecosystem and helping everyone do more than they ever could alone.

Mission and Vision

The WiFi Program's mission is to foster, engage and advance a global community of women of all backgrounds and experience who are committed to helping each other succeed in the world of Finance.

It is our in-house effort to create a platform to collaborate, share knowledge and connect to resources that will help women grow and succeed. We aim to provide leadership development through connections, mentoring, learning and support.

Contribute, Support andGet Involved
- Nisha Sachdeva
Co-founder and managing Partner
Columbia Pacific Capital Partners


Did you ever wish you had someone to help guide and prepare you for the best possible career path when you were starting out? Now’s your chance to fulfill that dream for someone else. By mentoring, you’re not only giving back to our future women leaders in finance, but you are building respect and credibility. . Learn more about how you can become a mentor

Train and Recruit

Get ahead in the race for top talent or up-skill women in existing roles, or re-skill non-finance professionals to prepare them to face challenges in Finance. We can deploy a tailored program that serves your company's specific talent needs and business objectives, thereby, improving gender diversity in your firm.

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Build Community

Join a vast network of experts and leaders from the top companies in the world. Our target is to build a strong 1000+ members community by 2021. We would like your help to build a pipeline of industry professionals who can serve as instructors, mentors, and coaches. This professional community helps participants find jobs and make connections, setting them up for success. Read more about it…

Talent Network

We take a person-by-person approach to talent development and foster an environment that values different perspectives, challenges conventional thinking and maximizes the potential of all of our people. We invite both Graduate and Master of Business Administration (MBA) students to explore opportunities at CPCP. We launched a 'Ricoché Program' where we provide an opportunity to those who have been out of the workplace for at least 12 months and previously worked at a mid or senior level.

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