Cross-Border Advisory


We are dedicated to delivering innovative capital markets and advisory solutions to corporations, institutional investors and private equity clients looking to explore cross-border opportunities between the US, Canada, Asia and LATAM.


Seasoned Professionals

Our experienced team provides guidance throughout the transaction process, from start to finish when making international business transactions.

Complete Confidentiality

We maintain strict confidentiality when working on a transaction and follow through on a project with trust, respect and integrity.

Global Strategy

Whether expanding global presence or defending domestic dominance or simply implementing a transnational strategy, we can help you.

Strategic Solutions

CPCP formulates integrated and holistic solutions to clients' challenges. Our team offers expertise and solutions providing value-added ideas and strategic advice.

Strategic advice and tailored solutions.

Our services include advising middle market companies on an acquisition of innovative and profitable companies, advising on the sale of their company, helping to identify growth opportunities, and enabling them to realize their investment. We specialize in cross-border corporate investments, M&A, partnerships, and corporate strategy. Based in Los Angeles and Toronto, CPCP has proven execution capabilities and an extensive network to bridge Asian and North American markets.Our international team is dedicated to unlocking value in Foreign Direct Investments, M&A, business development, and other cross-border business opportunities.

Ways we can help you

Corporate Advisory

Financial Advisory

Debt Restructuring

Market Intelligence

What makes us different?

We strive to bridge the gap between North America and Southeast Asia including India through our world class, cross-border services by providing our clients with valuable investment planning strategies to help Southeast Asian businesses raise capital and providing international channels for investment diversification in the emerging countries such as India.

We embrace a knowledge-driven, solutions-based approach that uncovers emerging macro trends and opportunities. We form collaborative teams in partnership with our clients to craft solutions that best serve the strategic objectives.

Weekly Specials

Clients First

Ultimate Objective

We provide unparalleled advice to our clients and enhance value for them.
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Our Act

Uncompromising business ethics is the single most important pillar we believe in and we serve with probity.
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Optimizing Results

We partner with industry experts and capital markets specialists to drive excellence.
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Trusted Partner

Professional Contacts

Assisting your business in navigating the complexities of global market expansion.
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We are happy to provide more details over a call or meeting and discuss your requirement and find ways to work with you