CPCP Strategy

In 2020 we set out our new strategy: to build on our founding partners' respective strength of decades of experience in investment banking, wealth and asset management and helping companies grow and sell anchored in our two home markets of the US and Canada with global reach. This is how we will meet the needs of our customers and clients, compete in a changing environment, and deliver for shareholders.

One Firm

Offering diversified services from Private Equity, Investment Banking and Advisory Services to our clients under one strong brand name. Through such an internal collaboration we can deliver a seamless best-in-class and coordinated service to our geographically dispersed clients with varying needs and strengthening our relationships with them


Buy-side Transactions

Sell-side Transactions

Cross-border Transactions


With our CPCP's Private Equity platform, we invest in technology companies that are best positioned to take advantage of trends that change every aspect our existence. We partner with privately held tech companies spanning across other industry verticals. 



Tech-enabled Services

Healthcare IT


Long-term Partner

We provide advice and services to help organization with mergers and acquisitions, financing and other transactions.


Extensive Network


High Performing

People First

Within this framework, we retain the flexibility to align our resources to maximize opportunities and support growth in different parts of our business at any given point in the cycle.

From Founders and CEOs to customers and employees, we believe that the key to success is working with, learning from, and developing exceptional people. 

Unlocking Potential

We strive to create a level-playing field and support the underserved communities for all . Providing women small business owners with education, networks, and access to capital


CPCP was founded on the idea of innovation. We create new ideas, offer creative approaches and think out of the box to find visionary solutions for our clients' needs. We aim to retain the entrepreneurial spirit that created our firm and to fight against organizational politics and bureaucracy.


We aspire to be the best at what we do and to lead by example. We set high personal and company standards, and then consistently try to exceed them. We attract self-motivated, highly capable, results-oriented people and invest heavily in their development. Our focus on impact and results creates a vibrant and meritocratic environment, directly linking individual performance with the firm’s success.


CPCP, with its industry focus, gives a boost and adds value to private companies in the technology vertical. Our obsession with this industry has enabled us to recognize industry patterns, emerging trends.